With the rock-solid rhythm of his acoustic guitar, Alexander v. Rothkirch takes his audience on a musical journey from funk-infused tunes to dreamy ballads. His voice and songs are warm, charming and filled with positive energy. His guitar picking immediately makes the audience feel that rhythm deep inside. He is not at all the stereo type of a singer-songwriter. Sometimes loud and rough, sometimes quiet and clean, yet always confident, surprising, engaging and sincere.

He has been writing and composing for half his life and he combines both his broad musical interests, as well as the influences of the places that have surrounded him. The tranquility of the forest where he was raised, the laid-back lifestyle of New Zealand where he began to write and the energy of the city in which he has achieved recognition as a singer and songwriter.

As a performer for over 15 years, the stage has become his second home and his passion for the live show is as intense as the show itself, as he gives his everything.